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Struggling to see how to add tablature slides when I am not connecting two notes. The example attached shows in red where I would like to put in descending and ascending slides to an undefined pitch, i.e; a non-note. I can find no reference to this in the manual . It is a popular technique that I have often used in the past. What am I missing here?

Slides.pdf (78.7 KB)

Perhaps jazz articulations would work for you? They don’t need start/destination notes, they simply appear before/after notes. I can’t remember off the top of my head whether they appear on tablature though.

Thank you Lillie! That works!

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Hey Lillie,

coming back to this, if I may: Can I prevent jazz articulations from showing on tab staves?


To the best of my knowledge, no I’m afraid not.

Thanks for the heads up!
I’d like to convert this into an official feature request then…

“Please allow jazz articulations to not be displayed on tab staves.”

Thank you, and have a great evening!

I’ second that. I would really like to be able display on notation or tab staves selectively. I don’t want staccato marks on the tab stave for example and I don’t necessarily want things on the tab stave to appear on the notation stave. It should be simple enough to hit a ‘not display’ button.

Benji, your request appears to be completely at odds to what Nick is requesting. Nick needs jazz articulations to appear in tab, so under which circumstances do you not want them to appear?

I feel I’m a little guilty of thread hijacking here… sorry for that!

A quick explanation about what I use TAB for: Even though almost all relevant performance information is contained in the notation staff (fingering, position, pitch, duration, accents,…), I use TAB occasionally for teaching materials to show students where exactly on the neck passages are to be played, due to the inherent ambiguity of pitch location on guitars.
As you know, pitch location can be determined by experienced players with position markers like “XII.” or “5. pos.” together with fingerings, or just by anatomical restraints… :wink:
But for beginners, TAB is a handy thing to provide. Therefore, just as a grid for “what goes where” I like to use TAB stripped down to the bare minimum information needed, i.e. string and fret, and omit anything else, no ties, no rhythms, nothing else!
Along those lines, I’d love to have the ability to hide rhythm slashes in TAB staves, since the whole point of slashes is to give the performer freedom of performance, which is kind of the opposite of what TAB is supposed to do.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but since you asked… :wink:
Cheers and thanks for all your work,

What would you want to appear in the tablature instead of the slashes? If you have slashes in the staff notation, what should appear in the tablature?

Daniel, this might be too much to ask at this point, but really, once you’re displaying slashes in the notation staff, you wouldn’t need anything displayed in the tab staff.
Or, dare I say, have the tab staff removed entirely!
I have prepared entire lead sheets, where you need tab to illuminate a complex intro, but later it’s just strummed ad lib chords. Thus far, I’ve faked this with a second player and hidden staves at system breaks, but a solution along the lines of the ossia system or chord symbol regions would be a total game changer, for me anyway!

Thanks for caring and have a great week!