TAB to transient 2.0 [UPDATE: nevermind, it's already there]

Two years ago I asked for “TAB to transients” and Steinberg listened, which made me very happy.

The problem is, the current state of TTT is just a tease of what the feature could be, and the most annoying thing is that all the infrastructure to unleash it already exists. I mean, bring TTT to the main window instead of keeping it locked in the audio editor.

TTT is about lighting-fast splitting and syncing by positioning the project’s cursor at the desired position. It makes no sense in the audio editor because there I can do neither of these thing. I can already see the hit point in the waveform in the inspector! Just let me select the event and hit TAB to navigate through them (exactly like B/N navigate through events in the selected track).

Could you please clarify precisely what’s missing?

I’m able to tab to transient (‘Locate Next Hitpoint’) and split at locator in the main Project page. I’ve assigned one keyboard shortcut to one command, another to the other. And can combine the two commands in a macro if I really want to, so that it’s a single key press to tab to next hit and split. I’m not sure how much more lightning-fast it could get — the only additional step is to select the desired track (one button on my control surface/one click with a mouse).

Maybe you’d like more control over the hitpoint detection settings on the Project page (as with in-line MIDI editing for instance)?

Oh, wow…

Nothing is missing, I’m just a dumb-dumb! I didn’t notice the function was there in the main window! My only excuse is that there’s a similar shortcut/command actually using TAB in the audio editor, and I thought that it just doesn’t work in the main window… It’s a poor excuse. Thanks for opening my eyes!

No worries. I just look at it as a bonus when I find my ideas have already been implemented — no need for an update! :slight_smile:

What I want to be able to do is have my range selection tool move to the next hitpoint. Any idea how to do that?
If I can do that, then I can keep my Pro Tools workflow. The only real difference between this and what’s proposed above is that the playhead isn’t moving to the next or previous hitpoint; just the range selection. Then I just hit my shortcut key for “split range.”

Any idea? I’ve tried searching for the last hour and I’m coming up short.