Tab to Transient and MIDI Note with Range Selection

I suggest the range selection/cursor be given the same power for tabbing to transients as the play cursor.

And that MIDI notes be considered transient also.


The Range Tool will snap to the transients in the Sample Editor.

  1. Open audio in Sample Editor.
  2. Open the Hitpoints tab in the Sample Editor Inspector.
  3. Click the Edit Hitpoints button - the audio will be analysed.
  4. Select the Range Tool.
  5. Zoom the audio so that there are clear spaces between the hitpoints.
  6. Click close to a hitpoint and drag to another hitpoint - the start an end of the range will be on hitpoints.
    This is a bit tricky because the snap is not very “magnetic”.

I am using Cubase Pro 6.

Thank you for the suggestion. I am aware of the magnetic features of the mouse.

By tabbing I mean via key commands. And most importantly, to be able to make these selections out in the arrange page.

P.S. I realize maybe my title is misleading. Changed it to range selection, not range tool.