Tab to Transient

Hi everyone,
I’m demo-ing Cubase 7.5 on my system. I am an experienced Cubase 6.5 user running it OS X Mountain Lion.
I was trying out the new ‘Tab To Transient’ feature on an audio track.
And while I noticed that the transients were displayed, when I hit ‘Tab’, I ended up cycling through the menus on the Inspector Window instead of transients on the audio track itself.

The only way that I could get it to behave like ProTools was using ‘Go To Next Hitpoint’ and ‘Go To Previous Hitpoint’ and the respective key commands which are Opt+N and Opt+B. (which worked great, of course)

Did I misunderstand that ‘Tab To Transient’ is not literally done using ‘Tab’? Or is there some setting I’m missing… Or is it just not in the demo version?

Thanks in advance,


This is the way to go…!

(Your misunderstanding is correct; that the interpretation of ‘Tab to Transient’ in Cubase is not literally done using the [Tab] key) :wink:

Thank you very much Puma! Appreciate it. Just wanted to know for sure :slight_smile:

you’re welcome…!

(BTW - lovely compositions on your SC page… you are very prolific…! I particularly liked ‘Snowman Theme’ and ‘Goodnight Tracey’; FWIW, my favourite film composer of late is Alexandre Desplat…) :slight_smile:

Good luck to you…!


Sorry to bump, but does cubase have any way of automatically finding a transient without a hitpoint already being there?

Edit, i answered myself, no it can’t… It can only navigate between automatic or manual hitpoints or whatever combination of the two, same as Logic…

but it can’t “detect” the transient on the fly like pro tools. Oh well.

I just ended up making key commands for “Calculate Hitpoints” and “Remove Hitpoints” it’s a little odd to me to have to do this as well coming from Pro Tools doing that so much over the years and never thinking about calculating the transients.