"Tab to transients" help.

Probably not in the manual but it works like this:

  • make sure you have ‘Enable Automatic Hitpoint Detection’ activated in Preferences
  • select a track in the project window
  • use Alt+N and Alt+B to tab to transients

Good luck.

I’ve just tried this and all I get is alt n moves the curser forward and alt b moves the curser backwards…
hitpoint detection is enabled…

what am i missing please… :blush:

Mmm, just N and B, without ALT, if I remember…

tried it…but get the same result…

No, those are the default key commands for ‘locate next event’ and ‘locate previous event’.

Yes, that’s what this does. It moves the cursor forward hitpoint by hitpoint and back hitpoint by hitpoint on the currently selected track according to the position of the hitpoints in the event. So it’s going to depend on how the hitpoints are set up for the event under the song position pointer. If there are no hitpoints calculated for the event, tab to transient will not work.

Look in your key commands and make sure Alt+N and Alt+B are assigned to ‘locate next hitpoint’ and ‘locate previous hitpoint’ (these are the default key commands). The Preference you need is File/Preferences/Editing/Audio/‘Enable Automatic Hitpoint Detection’. This automatically calculates hitpoints for newly recorded audio or newly imported audio files. I don’t know what happens with existing audio events when you switch on automatic hitpoint detection in projects where it had previously been switched off (probably nothing).

Yes, you’re right. :wink:

I have recently ported over from Pro Tools 11HD to Nuendo 7. Is there any way of syncing an audio clip that has a sync point (PT)/ Hitpoint (Nuendo), with a hitpoint in another track? The youtube video better explains my question. As a sound designer, this is one of the many functions I use all the time.