tabbing through the mixer Q


when im in the top part of the mixer i can tab down to the faders. How can I tab back up to the strip? pressing tab again does nothing…

thx for your help =)

edit: also, i tried to move the channel order from the mixer window by dragging from the bottom…
doesnt work… only does some funny greeen-orange thing , but doesnt move the position… is the only way to have to go back to arrangement, change channel order there and go back to mixer view?

editedit: we really need a good undo… cereal… like the one in live or others… cmon… steiny… inventor of this, super fantastic that, the best this , the best that… but no real undo function.,. lol…still , love u guys since cubase XT (yay radium;) with some logic(pc) n live interruption)… I know you think its a good idea… whats the hold up? technical difficulties or so? if you would share the problem, maybe we can help… we are all in this together you know… =)

have a nice WE =)


Can anybody cycle with tab or do you all also end up stuck on the mixer after some tabbing?

Tab one way.
Shift+tab reverses
G/H keys Inc/Dec Width of the Mixer
R/L-U/D Cursors scroll through the fader section and through the mixer faders


Thx so much:)

Ur a hero!!


Edit : (The rl/ud is something else here btw) r: arms track for rec… Dunno what the others are (lud…)

The shift-tab made my day though:) thanks again :slight_smile:

:wink: Nice, glad I helped.
also, you can’t reorder in the mixer but you can use the zones to lock faders to the right or left of the mixer.

1 thing I practice in C7 now is using the visibility to arranging the 3 mixers so I don’t have to move things around.
Mixer 1 is my Vox and Inst. Tracks w/Vox docked Left
Mixer 2 is My Drums
Mixer 3 is my FX and Group Tracks. w/the Groups docked to the right

And In all 3 I have my Stereo out Docked to the right.
Add to that the fact that you can inc/dec the width of the channels to see more of the faders and you have access to any part of your mixer at any given time… (ok unless you don’t have a widescreen and have a 300 track project) lol
Makes things so much easier to find and I just press which Mixer I am working on.

btw, I’m on PC. The Cursors move around within the section you are currently in.

You certainly did!:slight_smile:

Yeah, i also locked my out to the right side and hid my in (till i need it;) )

But, your idea with a mixer for each group is simply brilliant man! Im also on a pc (laptop) and as much as i like the mixer, i would love to have it displayed on a cinema display;)
I never thought of splitting the mixer… Lol… Ah well, theres always something to discover, eh?:wink:

Thanks lots for you input my friend:)

Wish you only the best!:slight_smile:

Excellent :stuck_out_tongue: <cheeezygrin

I was on a Dual 4x3 display for over 10 years, then a Single 16x9. Once I installed C7 I added one of my Older 4x3 monitors just for a secondary.
After doing this, it changed how I set up my display and now I’m thinking of going even bigger.
Looking @ 2560X1600 30" or the new 29" ultra wide and a secondary!(Possible Touchscreen) lol… it never ends!

I am just all butter thinking of that new setup!