Tabla beat/note names under notes automatically?

I was looking in the manual?

Is it possible for the program to do this automatically?


Dha Dhin Dhin Dha | Dha Dhin Dhin Dha | Dha Tin Tin Ta | Ta Dhin Dhin Dha |


Not automatically, but you could easily add these as Lyrics, then copy and paste where needed.

automatically would definitely be a blessing for anyone who is a composer but maybe not a tabla expert, and also for students learning.

Also having a tabla vocal speak the notes as a Dorico instrument layered with the actual tabla instrument could be an interesting idea.

the idea is more about learning the vowel/name associations to the notation.

And perhaps also, if the score is being given to a tabla player to play… is it possible they may not know the Keda notation and only the beat names?

I’m not familiar with Tabla, but using Dorico’s default settings, this is what I thought might help.

What is that? just lyrics entered by hand?

Yes. shift-L (It will follow whatever rhythmic pattern you have)

Thanks yes, I can enter them by hand.

Automatically would be a great feature and time saver, and learning tool.

I thought tabla was a strictly oral tradition. Are people using notation nowadays?

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It was I think,

Dorico implemented the Keda standard

Writing for Tabla - Keda Music

Actually Keda electronic instrument has a preset which are the vocalizations, please add this to Dorico
see here TABLA TOUCH a closer look - FULL DEMO - YouTube


@maggot Thanks! That’s amazing. I was totally unaware of this electronic tabla. Fantastic.

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Me to! I sort of want it! just a general MIDI controller as well!

I know little about tabla, but I love it…

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