Tablature Bend Notation Issue

In the attached file in bar 3, I have an issue where I am bending the G string up a full bend from fret 7, keeping it bent up while I strike the top E string at fret 5 and then repicking the G string to return it to its original pitch. I would like to see the note (in this case fret 7) appear on the tab stave for the sake of clarity. How do I do this? Also with regular bend and release (as in bar 2), how do I stop the release fret being in brackets? It serves no useful function. Thanks

To Let.dorico (612.9 KB)

For the restrike, use a pre-bend on the second note, which you set in the properties panel.

To hide the parenthesised note, you need to go to Engraving Options and change the values on the Guitar Bends page.

See here:
To Let modified.dorico (927.6 KB)

Thanks for this Richard. I’m not inclined to use the pre bend as the note is already bent and it creates confusion. I simply want to see the resolved note displayed which it still isn’t in your example. I will adjust the options for the bracketed note on the release in bar 2 as you suggested. Thanks.

I’m afraid without the pre-bend/restrike you won’t be able to have the resolved note displayed - unless Dorico “knows” that the note has been bent up then it doesn’t “know” how to display the release. Because you can repeatedly bend and release notes in a chain Dorico has to be able to work out where the start and end of the chain of bends/releases is.

Thanks Richard.