Tablature for Violin / n-lines in staff

It’s any way to create string tablatures? It’s useful while composing contemporary music.

Also, It will be useful any way to change the lines in the staff with an easy command and no changing to other instrument or cheating the .xml file.

(I know the way: create a percussion kit with 4 -lines and number noteheads, and it works, but it will be super-easy if there exist any n-lines command)

Not sure what Tab format you need, but you can try a Mandolin Tab as a cheat. It’s tuned exactly like a Violin.

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Thanks so much! For example, it’s useful if you do a scordatura

You’re welcome. I’ve used it for working with scordatura as well.

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+1 for feature request to be able to specify number of lines in a staff. Useful for early music as well as contemporary scores.

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