Tablature in the score editor

Is it possible to have the traditional staff notation combined with tablature in the score editor? Like in the attached picture.
I typically enter the notes in the treble or bass clef using the computer mouse. Then I want the tablature lined up below and to automatically mirroring the g/f clef. (I understand that the tablature will need some editing in order to make sense.)

Yes (sorry, very brief reply… I’m just going out :wink: )
Create a 2nd MIDI track, and place a Shared Copy of the original MIDI Part on it (so any actual MIDI changes made to the original will be reflected in the Shared Copy).
Open both MIDI tracks in the Score Editor, and set the 2nd track to tablature mode.

Brief is underestimated :wink:
Fantastic! Thanx!

Thanks for this Vic.
You may have answered 4 years ago, but today I found this and it solved my problem trying to do this!

vic_france lives on through his posts! rip Vic.