Table of Contents text token: How to display only the first bars of all flows?

Dear users and developers,

Is there a way in Dorico to make a table of contents which includes only the first or the first two bars of each flow? Creating a table of contents is provided in Microsoft word, and it would be helpful if this feature is provided in Dorico.

It certainly is possible with Engrave Mode using Music Frames an applying the flows to only the corresponding frames, but there is no one click solution.


One of my favourite Dorico videos:


This is great, but is there a way to make the indexed music smaller? I want to do this with a piano book, and the full size is too big for an index page. There seems to be an option to change the staff size when you right-click on the frame, but it doesn’t do anything. I also tried unblinking the frame, but that didn’t work.

Put a break at the start of the bar, and check out its properties. You can define a spacing size. Try 1mm or less.

Thanks, Marc. I’m new to Dorico, so I’m not entirely clear what you mean. System break? Frame break? And would I do this in Engraving mode?

You need a system break.

Shift + S in engrave mode.

Now you can change the “space size” for this particular system In the properties panel (at the bottom).

Beautiful. Thanks, that works!

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