Tablet App: Features needed for w/o FOH scenario

Hi there,
we are a band without an FOH: We are doing our own light and mixing and are now trying to use VST live to have pre-developed light shows, per-song effects and mixing and some support audio tracks.
As we don’t have someone sitting on a control computer, we need to control VST live over the Tablet App.
I know that this is a “risky” topic as you usually want to avoid chances of musicians messing up the show, but there’s an easy solution to this:
Just add a checkmark to the transport control of the desktop app that says “allow mobile app control”. On the mobile app, you could also then add the same checkmark in the options to hide it for the musicians that don’t need the control.

Feature wise, there are some essential things missing in the app:

Prio A+++: Show song title on top
Somehow this was forgotten I guess?! It’s pretty essential! Would be nice if the next song would be also shown (smaller and with less contrast).

Prio A: Transport Control in the tablet app
If “transport control” option is activated at host and peer, show the essential controls like play, stop, record, next song, previous song, next segment, previous segment and PANIC at the bottom of the screen. Show always in all four available views.

Prio B: Show song list on the left side of the screen, allow jumping to a song if “transport control” is activated at host and peer.

Prio C: Show the time. When doing a show, having the current time is somewhat essential.

Prio D: Allow mixer volume control over tablet app. Would be really nice to have.

Is there any chance you could look into this?
We really love the opportunities VST live is opening up for us and ditched S1 for this, there’s just a few things missing to make this the best solution on the market for smaller semi-professional bands!

Best regards,


Just an idea: I bought a 4btn Bluetooth controller for basic things (play, stop, next, prev). Although I hope BT direct controlling API will be implemented (WinRT API), I found a difficult solution through 2 different 3rd party apps to control vstlive from this BT controller.

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((If u use OSX, they say, there is an easier solution, as OSX supports BT MIDI simpler.))

Hi @fkalmus,

it’s called WinRT/MIDI. It’s on our list, but it has no high-prio. It’s very important for you? Let me see if I can push the task a bit higher.
Yes, macOS handles the devices itself.


Hi @DaOptika,

yes, your requests are already on our list. Just give us some time to get it done.

… what do you have in your mind? I guess VL needs a time-control saying the gig has a time-frame of 60 minutes. The gig starts, you start the clock and the clock shows the time forwards and backwards. Something like this?


Hi @Spork !

I think it means let us know what the time is. When set needs to be 45’, 60’, 90’ it is great to see the current time :slight_smile:
Currently running VSTLive Mods covers the time display (at least on my iPhone).

I have an iPad on the floor with the setlist, where I can see the current time also while my setlist is displayed.

That let us know if we are in time or has to skip a song or two (because of any circumstances when exact end time is important)

(E.g: before age of Smart devices, some colleauges built a large clock dislplay in pedal-board)

Hi @Spork , that’s very kind, Thank you!
I will be happy when native support comes, no worry. I’m even happy to hear this is on the list to be implemented. (But for sure sooner is better than later) :slight_smile:

Not even that fancy, just the clock, if we have to end the show at 10pm, we need to see how much time we have left, looking at the phone regularly looks stupid on stage :slightly_smiling_face: