Tablet as 2nd or 3rd Display for Cubase?

I am curious if anyone here is using a tablet as a 2nd or 3rd Display for Cubase?

I currently am running a dual monitor setup in Windows 7. I’ve been thinking about getting a Windows 8 tablet (not RT) so I can run a full version of Cubase VST while I’m running on an elliptical for 1+ hours a day. This way I could work on programming soft synths, drums, etc. I know the iPad runs Cubasis, but I think I’d prefer the full featured version, so I’ve been looking at the Razer Edge, Windows Surface Pro or the like.

I also did some research and discovered that there is software called AirDisplay which allows you to run a laptop or other computer as a second display for the primary computer. I was thinking I could use this to make my tablet useful as a touch interface when on my main more powerful desktop. I could extend my display across 3 monitors, one of them being the airdisplay, and then drag my mixer window into it and use my tablet as a touch interface for mixing (or for a step sequencer).

Has anyone tried anything like this?

I’m just trying to figure out if this will be feasible, or if I should go the iPad route and run Cubasis, and then use the iPad controller app they have too. I’d prefer to have a fully featured computer I can use as a laptop (which I don’t have currently) and run the full cubase on though, if possible, and the ability to use it as another display (or not) will probably be my influencing factor… Unless there is some sort of way to chain Cubase across both PCs and use a bit of both? (although my main computer is very powerful 6 core i7 and I don’t even remotely tax it in extreme use scenarios currently)