Tablet recommendation

hi all,

i think about to buy a bigger screen for cubasis.
any recommendation for a not so expensive tablet??

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 10.1
Lenovo M10 Tab
Fire HD 10-Tablet

Helio X27 10 Kern Prozessor x 2.6 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB, 11.6 Zoll 1920 x 1080 FHD IPS

does they work? how about preformance ?

I was so determined not to buy an another iPad a couple of years ago, when I was looking for a new tablet. After weeks of research it became apparent that the iPad was SO much better than any Android tablet. This is definitely not the case with phones IMHO - I’ve had Android phones forever. I ended up buying another iPad because to do anything else would have been stupid in my opinion.

I would be interested to know if things are different now.

This Samsung doesnt work, I tried to download the software, but the App store said not compatible, look at the compatible thread

Currently using vankyo s30 tablet -

no probs so far and supports otg

I have an “Dragon Touch Max10 Tablet” tablet that I used to run steinberg app and not facing any problem.

My recently purchased Samsung Tab S6 lite works fine (luckily).

thx for the tipps… but i finally bought this one
because a tablet with a snapdragon 865 is to expensive!
its a 15,6" zoll touch screen. so i can use the power of my oneplus8pro on big screen! works great.!!!
and i can continue projects on the fly at home :wink:

ps: @ the devs. is it possible that cubasis remember the gui setting (i.e. phone,phablet or tablet xl) for phone and external screen? would be nize

Anyone tried the Huawei Mediapad M5 lite?

Cubasis 3.1.1 + Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite. Performance -ok, USB MIDI (Yamaha p45) - works fine, delay is ok. Audio interface UR22C - sometimes partially work, sometimes -no. Too unstable, from my point of view it’s not working at the moment. Hope Steinberg will improve audio interface support.

i think about buying a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. how is the perfomance/delay compared to the galaxy s9 (exynos 9810) or the oneplus 8 pro (snapdragon 865) ??

more important is the delay. am i able to play piano in realtime?

thx for any comment about this

Galaxy Tab S7plus works great!

I also have a Galaxy Tab S7 Plus 5G, and I’m thinking of purchasing Cubasis.

May I ask what is your setup? How do I connect e.g. an Akai LPK 25 small midi keyboard? It has USB 2.0, while the tablet has USB-C… Do I need an adapter, OTG interface or something? Will it work?

I also have Cubase 11 Pro on my PC laptop, and an UR44 audio interface. Will this interface work with my tablet and Cubasis? Can I attach an USB hub to the tablet for using both? Which kind would I need to connect to the tablets USB-C?

Sorry if these sound like stupid questions, but this is my first device with USB-C and I really don’t know. And as here the experts are supposed to hang around, I thought I’d just ask :smiley:

Thanks if you can offer any insight!

Regards, Peter

Hi Peter,
I run Cubasis on a OnePlus6 (Android 10, Snapdragon 845, USB-C interface). It works well with an Akai LPK 25.
The LPK-25 came with a (standard) USB-A to USB-B cable ( What are the different types of USB cables? | Samsung UK ). The phone (and your tablet) have a USB-C interface so I got a cheap adapter:
The main thing to remember is to enable your Android devices “OTG storage mode” in the device settings.
Fire up cubasis, create a new empty project, add a MIDI track with grand piano, solo that track and your keyboard should now make sound.