Tablets that can run full Cubase? Not as a remote controller

Super new to tablets, I dont know if I sound like an idiot.

I was thinking of getting a new laptop and thought I could maybe go the tablet (with a detachable keyboard) route. I would want it to have a USB or Firewire port for an interface.

For audio purposes, it would be nice to bring just a tablet n interface to friends’ shows, plug their mixer into the interface, and just hit record.

Good/bad idea?? Already been asked in another thread?


Aloha J,

I have not seen a tablet that can run a full Cubase programme
but some approaches would be an app like Cubasis.


GarageBand for iOS

Also I believe Steiny has announced some Android stuff shipping soon.
(But that is just for Cubase iC Pro!)
Which means to me tho’ that they definitely looking in that direction as well.
Stand By.

Apple’s new 64 bit A7 chip does seem to have the power to run an app like Cubase.
A user can get 32 tracks in Garage band now. (however with no ability to run 3rd party sound sources/plugs).
And not enough memory in these machines to take full advantage of a 64 bit architecture.

Also Stand By.

And if it is just a digital quality stereo recording, also consider a simple hardware device like the Zoom.

Doesn’t the Surface PRO use Windows? I think it would work since it is a full, proper operating system.
Not sure about the low end Surface that uses Windows RT (not sure what the difference is with RT).

Great idea j.

This should work nicely: (scroll down)
(kinda pricey tho’ @ $899.00)


The highest model of the surface runs standard Windows 8 so yes, that’ll run any Windows DAW you want. All other tablets out at the moment run on slimmer OS’s that require apps designed specifically for them. There’s plenty to go around on Ipads and slightly less on Android devices as simple DAW’s, Cubasis being one of the biggest ones atm.

Cubasis projects totally compatible with C6.5? For iPad only? It’d be nice to see it go Android as well.

And yes, regarding Windows 8 tablets, there seem to be several out there from as many companies…x86 and x64. Ironically, all of the ones I’ve looked at rank like 2.5-3.5 out of 5 stars though, for whatever reason.


The surface pro 2 is a good way to go, make sure you are not getting something with Windows RT.

Your easier solution is an ultrabook, such as the ASUS Taichi21; I have one, and can use it in tablet or laptop mode, and do so with Cubase and Ableton often.

There are other ultrabooks which give you the tablet and laptop functionality, as well, and are powerful enough for even complex audio work.

papi61 did a mini review of one-