Tabloid paper size in Setup but not in Print

Let’s say I want to print something on Tabloid paper (11" x 17"). In the setup, I can choose this.

When I click on the Print tab, it defaults to A3, and Tabloid isn’t in the list. A3 is similar (11.69" × 16.54") but not the same.

I selected the “user defined” option, which I expected would prompt me to enter the size, but nothing happened. Where do I do that, if the size I want isn’t in the Print Page Setup list?

Your top image shows page sizes that Dorico knows; the bottom image shows page sizes that your printer or OS knows. It’s likely that Dorico can’t actually access the “User defined” setting of your printer. I have this same issue on my system. If you skip printing directly from Dorico, click the Graphics button instead of Printer, then select PDF, when you export the PDF it will always be the correct size that is specified in your Layout Options, even if the size is displayed incorrectly on screen. I always make PDFs of everything I do anyway so while it’s annoying, it’s not really an extra step for me. The PDFs will print fine as Acrobat can access your printer settings.

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Hmm I see, I didn’t find that in the help.
Thanks for the explanation.

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Indeed; the print dialogue only shows you what your printer offers as options.

The discrepancy between actual print and pdf export needs to be resolved, imho. It trips a lot of people up.

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Exported layouts use their page size set in Layout Options (mentioned in the result on this page).

I’ve made a note to review where it’s mentioned that the available paper sizes depend on what the selected printer knows it can print, in addition to the introduction on this page.

I don’t know if you’re on Windows or Mac, but if you’re on Windows you may be able to add that page size. In Win11 go to Settings/Bluetooth & Devices/Printers & Scanners then scroll down and click Print Server Properties. Here you can create a new “Form” with whatever dimensions you want, give it whatever name you want, and this size will be available in Windows. For example my default paper size is 9.5"x12.5" so I created a paper size of “Music Manuscript” that is now available when printing.

No guarantees any size you create will be available in Dorico, but it certainly will be in Acrobat and other programs. This might be a way to get Dorico to recognize that size in the Print module.