Tabs missing

In my WLE 10 the process tab shows up in single audio files and is missing for montages and the fade tabe is missing when a single file is opened and re-appears for a montage project. I’m sure it’s a setting (hopefully) as I un, then reinstalled from fresh. I’ve clicked on everything and don’t see an option for choosing tabs. What am I missing, figuratively and literally…

You don’t get to choose those tabs. Because of their fundamentally different natures, the things you can do in the editing and montage windows are simply different.


Well that make even less sense then. So when mastering an audio track there isn’t a fade option and when creating a montage there’s no normalize loudness option. I don’t think that is correct. Everything says it’s supposed to be there. There was always an option to normalize loudness and add reverb tails previously when making an audio CD.

You can fade and normalize in the montage. It’s just done differently because the montage is non-destructive and audio editor is destructive.

In the montage, fades are applied on the clip envelopes, and the montage has the Meta Normalizer which is very powerful.

Ah damn, I had the Pro and not the Elements PDF where it does exist pulled up. In the Elements it doesn’t show it. But… it still says go to the process tab to get to the meta normalizer… So, uhh… I’m still lost