Tacet al fine

I hesitate to write this, because you are probably already aware of it, but the “tacet al fine” feature - in its current form - doesn’t seem useful to me.

First, writing “tacel al fine” for a single empty bar in the end feels a little silly. But even if it was 100 bars, as a player I would prefer to see an explicit 100-bar rest. Knowing roughly how long it takes to until the end of the movement can be useful information.

The raison d’être for this feature, I would assume, is that usually you cannot actually write a 100-bar rest because it is constantly interrupted by key changes, time signature changes, rehearsal marks, tempo changes, fermatas, etc. Tacet al fine could combine empty bars even when normal multi-bar rests cannot, but it doesn’t do that (yet?).

In the future, if “tacet al fine” will be able to combine these things, I would still want some kind of threshold of complexity before it kicks in. If the end of the flow has to be split in 4 “sections” when using normal multi-bar rests, I would just use normal multi-bar rests. 40 sections? Tacet al fine, please.

Thanks for your feedback. In the first update you will be able to choose between seeing “tacet al fine” or the number of bars’ rest in the Rests page of Engrave > Engraving Options.

This seems like the best existing thread for my question. Not sure if it’s better to start a new thread or post it here.

In the Full Score layout, I don’t want any multi-measure rests at all, tacet al fine or otherwise. Can I disable multi-measure rests in the Full Score? It’s strangely unnerving to have them there.


Sure: by default they are not shown in the full score, so I guess you may have inadvertently saved the layout options from a part layout as your defaults for a full score. You can disable multi-bar rests on the Players page of Layout Options.