Tacet for empty parts while having them visible in the score

I’ve tried getting a definitive answer for if this is possible or not, and after some research, it doesn’t look like it is.

What I want is to have the same layout and number of staves for all flows throughout the entire score, but still have the parts show “Tacet” if they aren’t playing for any given flow.

It looks like I either have to remove them from the flow to get the correct part, but have them missing from the score, or I could have them visible in the score, but have the part show a bunch of multi-rests split up by any number of global parameters in the flow, like double bar lines, tempo and metronome markings, etc
Is there a way to achieve this?
I’m currently on Dorico Pro v3.5.10.1045

as für as I remember, the steps are as follows:

in Setup Mode you can do this fine tuning.

  1. In the bottom panel select a specific flow.
    Then in the left panel click (activate) the players / instruments you want to show up in your score (for that flow). It doesn’t matter, wether they contain music or just rests.
  2. In the right panel select a layout (instrumental part).
    Then in the bottom panel select all flows you want to be part of that layout (instrumental part).

Result: In the instrumental part (layout) the tacet movements / pieces / flows will show up as „Tacet“.

Seems like OP know that, but it’s not what he‘s asking for.

The only solution I can think of is duplicating the instruments and use the „clones“ to fill in wherever you want the original instrument to have a tacet movement.
Just don’t export the clone layouts.

BTW being classically trained i surely would expect everyone in a movement to play when their staffs appear in the score.

This doesn’t work. When I select the flow and activate the player on the left side, it appears in the score, but when I select the part and remove the flow, the flow disappears all together from the part.

I tried duplicating and fooling Dorico with “clones”, but the problem is that Dorico automatically numbers the instruments (I can rename the players), so I can never have an additional “Flute 3 & Alto Flute” visible in the score.

And I do agree, but this is for a film score, which can deviate from classical rules quite a bit when it comes to these things.

try grouping the instruments (one group called “original” and one called “clone” or similar). AFAIK Dorico only automatically numbers instruments in one group.

It’s a bit of a PITA, but I’m pretty sure this would be possible with Music Frames. If the instrument appears in the score, just exclude it from that specific Music Frame in your master page setup.

Even if I have Trumpet 2 in the score:

I can exclude them and have TACET in the part if I wanted:

I’m not entirely sure why the TACET is left-aligned here, but it can easily be fixed by moving the frame.

That actually solves the naming!
A new problem, however, is score order, as the groups can’t seem to interlock (which makes sense)…
I now have a complete set of winds on top, in a group, then a clone of the entire set underneath, in it’s own group. I can have the staves visual as I’d like, with the correct name, but the clone-stave will appear underneath the entire “real” wind-group.

Does a custom order of instruments in Layout-Options help you? (just spitballing here)

Sounds like a PITA indeed, but it looks possible at least…

So the way to do this is to create a master page for each player that all have the same look, but individual filter-settings, then, if the player isn’t playing for a particular flow, I add that specific master page instead of the one without the filter…?

That does actually move it to the correct position, but is messes up the instrument grouping.

The old-fashioned method of adding a space to the instrument names (left or right depending on your staff label alignments) of either the “original”- or the “clone”-section should take care of the numbering issue without you having to resort to using different groups.

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yes, I am sorry bc I am not on my laptop atm. Just out of curiousity, how does it mess up grouping? You mean brackets?

@lumortensen 's suggestion could do the trick though.

It messes up the brackets, yes… Like having an instrument from a different family in the middle of the winds.

After looking at FredGUnn’s a bit more, I think the best and most automated way to do it might be:

  • Create an individual master page set for each part
  • In that master page set, add a “copy” of the “first” page, changing it’s music frame to filter in every instrument but the current one
  • Have everything visible in the score, and when doing the part layout, if the part you open is empty (but filled with multi-rests etc.), change the master page to the “first” page with the filter added

It’s not perfectly automated, but I actually believe it’s the most straight forward way, and the least hassle. I’m importing one-flow project files into a master-file before doing the engraving, and the composers writing-template has a couple of small differences to mine (which mirrors the actual section to be recorded), and for each flow, I do get a couple of staves that does not automatically populate - having clones and messing around with that would probably only make that worse…

Thanks a lot for the help, guys!

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