Tacet in one layout for one player in one flow - how to

I cannot make it happen. Trying to get the text “Tacet” (as in documentation) for one of the players in one of the flows. I get either:

  • nothing at all shown for the flow for the player (when not assigned to the flow)
  • a bunch of multibar rests, correct as such but I want only the tacet mark. (when assigned to the flow)

Windows 11 Home 22H2, i7-11700F, 32GB, Dorico Pro

— Solved. It becomes totally logical in hindsight. Of course it is the player that has tacet. And it will only show if the flow is part of the layout. Thank you.

You should get “TACET” when the player isn’t assigned to the flow, but the flow is still assigned to the part layout.

If that’s not the case for you, can you share the project for people to take a look?

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As @Lillie_Harris says - tacet will only occur if the player is not assigned to the flow. Else it will pick up the various system messages (tempi, rehearsal marks, etc.) from the flow and create appropriate multi-rests.

Just go to setup and detach that player from that flow.

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