TACET issues

I’ve written a work that has TACET flows.
The full score hides instruments where no notes are being played on any page, and that includes any global cymbols such as pauses.
However, when I come to print instrumental parts, parts where no notes are required in that flow, staves appear with bars because of the presence of the fermata.

If I remove the fermata, or tempo from the part, they disappear form the score, so that isn’t any good !

This seems a fundamental programming error with Dorico.

What is the solution ?

I’ve uploaded the screen shot of the problem

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Just unassign the players from the flow and you see a “tacet” sign.

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Thanks Nukkul,

I’d seen that, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find the flow panel for ages !

I think the user manual should include screen shots to help those of us who are being very stupid ! It tells you what do do, but doesn’t give the essential guidance on how to get to the right bit !
There was nothing on YouTube about it, which was why eventually I thought I should try the forum !

Many thanks again.

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Player - Flow - Layout assignments are all in setup mode.

Select the flow at the bottom and untick the players you don’t want or select the players and untick the flows. it’s a bit confusing at the beginning, because it’s combines 3 groups (players, flows, layouts)

and if you search the manual for “Player flow assign” you get this

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Great !

It would make more sense to me to have a dedicated FLOWS pull down display option since this isn’t really a Setup function - more a display function.

Anyway, that’s how they’ve written it, and now I’ve found out about it, I hope I remember!

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Dorico behaves sometimes different than other programs.

In setup mode you decide which players holds which instrument, plays in which flow, and how your layouts should look like. All this is “set up” and decided before you need to write any notes.
Setup mode looks a bit odd at the beginning, but it’s actually really powerful.

You need the piano only in flow 2? Ok. If you dont want it in flow 1 untick it. You want the players to see the lenght of the flow, the fermatas, etc. tick it.
You can create multiple scores, piano reduction with choir, working scores, etc. just with a few clicks.