Tacet Position

After all the wonderful help I have received on the forum to pull this project together, I am down to the final adjustment. By default the tacet apparently appears near the top of the page. I am looking for a way to move it to a preferably lower position, at least a third of the way down.

Just thinking, that in the event this is not currently possible, which I doubt, perhaps the tacet frame could have handles when highlighted to move it around.

In doubt you could create a new flow heading with a much bigger frame and apply a flow header change to that flow only.

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For the defaults in the layout, see here:

For local changes, either do as @klafkid suggests and use a flow heading change to increase the flow heading bottom margin for this page, or use the Staff Spacing tool in Engrave mode (which if memory serves should provide a handle for tacets).

Although seeing your example in more detail, do you definitely want this to be a tacet flow, or would simply a custom page template with a text frame in the middle of the page be sufficient?


In answer to your question, a custom page would work well. That thought crossed my mind, but I was not sure how to accomplish that. It would be good to know (probably in the manual somewhere), but for now I will try to work with the margins. Thanks to both of you.

Create the page template:

Customize it (ie draw in the text frame)

Use it on specific pages: