The documentation mentions the use of flows in terms of creating Tacet sheets. At the moment, removing a player from a flow simply removes that flow from the player’s layout. If I leave the player in with no music on their part in a flow, that flow will of course show up in the player’s layout, but it will only show as a true Tacet if the flow has no upbeat, change of keys, tempi, repeats etc …; and of course, it will show up as a staff in the score, which is inappropriate.

First of all, I want to make sure I am not missing something and that these observations are indeed correct.

Second, if I am correct in observing the current behaviour, I assume that a good way to implement this would be to have a choice in layout options as to whether we want the empty flows to disappear from a player’s layout or to have them appear as Tacet sheets. Is this indeed what is planned, and if so, is there any indication as to when this would be done?

Thanks again for a great product!

You’re right, Claude, that this doesn’t currently work in the way we originally intended. I’m afraid it’s unlikely we’ll be able to sort this out in the timeframe of the next update, but we will definitely revisit it as soon as we can.


As I have very few tacets for the next project, I will add them manually though engrave mode.

As a workaround, what would happen if you had two “full score” layouts: a score which contained every part active and a second “conductor” layout which eliminated the unneeded staves? The never-printed, true full score would generate tacet parts, which the conductor’s full score layout would not show the empty staves.

I have used this approach with vocal/instruments scores to include an accompanist keyboard reduction so I can generate a piano/vocal score from the never printed, true full score while not having the reduction clutter the conductor’s music.

It might help solve your dilemma.

Thanks Derrek

I have also thought of that method. Definitely faster, but not as pretty! I have until mid-april to complete the project, so I’ll see in due time.