Take 1

Okay, so this is something everyone probably knows, but I don’t.

I was just messing around with my guitar and when I looked at the guitar track, much to my surprise, take numbers had been added to the event:

Take 1 (guitar), Take 2 (guitar)

The track is just named guitar.

Where did those come from? I went into record again and it didn’t happen again. I must have hit a key by accident, but I don’t know which one!

Help! I am feeling stupid!!!


If you record while looping you’ll get multiple takes each on it’s own lane in the Track. One Audio File can contain multiple Takes. When this happens Cubase by default adds the take number to the the Audio Event name.

Show the Lanes for the Track & you’ll see the other takes.

Ah, when looping! Thanks. That is not something i normally do so had not come across it.