Take lanes and Track versions

Hi all. My first post here in the forum.
Im a recent Cubase user, long time Pro Tools / Reaper user.
My question is related to lanes and comping.
First i record a multi microphone setup of one instrument ( acoustic guitar / drums , etc) on a few lanes (playlists style) and after that i create a folder, put all tracks related to that instrument into a folder, activate the group edit and start making my comp.
I noticed that all lanes for all the grouped tracks need to be open in order to make precise edits on all tracks, otherwise the edit only gets done in the track that has the show lanes open.
Since there is this group trakcs option, why is not possible to make the edits on all grouped tracks ?
Am i missing some option in the preferences for that to happen ?
I know i can use track version instead and make a comp on a fresh new track version.
If this is not possible on the lanes using grouped tracks, my first post is a feature request to Steinberg.
Thanks all.
Stay safe.

Hi and welcome,

The original use case for the Group Editing is different. It was created to be able to quantise drums.

For you use case, there is an interesting approach to record the multi-mic setup to one multi-channel track. For example if you use 4 mics, use quadro configuration track. If you use 6 mics, use 5.1 configuration track. Then you can comp all at once and you can set the ratio between the mics by using panner.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
In a recording situation, where multiple takes of the same instrument take place, recording 16 drum tracks on a multichannel track makes impossible to solo individual elements. I believe there should be a better way of dealing with this. Since there is a track grouping option, lanes option and tracks versions, shouldn´t be hard for the developers to “protect” their customers implementing such feature in the group tracks folder, right ?

This isn’t the case here.

If the group editing button of the folder track is on it’s enough to have one lane open, all others in the grouped folder come along.

Some thoughts:

  • Make sure, every take has files of exact the same length (if they’re not, you’ll get a message), make them the same event size by cutting them a tiny bit at front and end.

  • Turn OFF ‘zero crossing’, that makes sure any cuts are always done at a place where the waveform crosses the zero line. Unfortunately it does so for each event in the group, not just the one you’re cutting at and leads to different event sizes/non sync of event length (you’ll just see it at a high zoom level).

Hi marQs.
Thanks for your reply.
I´m running Cubase Pro 11 Build 300, and I´ve tried both options. Having events with same size and disabling snap to zero cross. I have the same problem. With only one of the tracks lane open the others dont follow the comping.
PS: could it be an option in the preferences that i´m not aware ?

My workaround now for this is to close all lanes and ctrl + G to group events on multiple tracks and make ctrl + right click and Bring to front some parts. Thats what i´ve been doing, but im sure there has to be a way of using a single lane and make the edits for all the tracks without having to create temporary groups…

I have found that you have to split the events with the regular scissor tool… Alt + Click
When this is done you can select the different parts (from your preferred lane) with the Comp Tool… and all the tracks in the Folder (Folder Grouping on) will follow.

It DON’T work when splitting (and selecting) directly with the Comp Tool…

This has NEVER worked as it should across multitrack recordings… Which I have given up telling Steinberg… after reporting this since the Lanes feature arrived.
This is a seriously overlooked issue :frowning:

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Ahhh! eheh
Thanks. That makes sense now!
We have to split before and then all tracks get “sync´ed” edits.

Yeh this thing was bothering me for a while. Now the workaround is great till further development from steinberg, i guess!
Thanks everyone.

This should obviously have been working even when selecting directly with the Comp Tool… It was a crazy frustration before I found out this way to do it… No one at Steinberg have ever responded either to my findings… or my solution :frowning:

But, I’m happy to help… Good luck :slight_smile:

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