"Take Me Away" - pro mix

Take Me Away

Vocals & guitars - Ian Rushton
Bass - Shayne Williams
Drums - Michael Barker
Keyboards, production and mix - Eddie Rayner
Recorded at Roundhead Studios
Auckland, New Zealand

Listened to this about an hour ago. Excellent.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Kate Bush but she had a song back whenever called “Rollin The Ball”. Of the many motifs I’ve ‘apparently’ stolen :wink: - the line played on the piano at the start of this one (and elsewhere) was seemingly ripped off from that song - according to Eddie. A_ss_hole. :laughing: All I ever hear now is “rollin the ball” when I listen to this! :smiling_imp:


Just did a YooChube of the KB track.

I think your chain is being jerked. :wink:

Yep, sounds good :sunglasses:

Actually I think the 4 notes played on the piano (during the intro and elsewhere) are the same though the rhythm is slightly different. And yeah… he had a go at me for plagiarism on No Ordinary Day too because he recognised 3- 4 notes in the melody were the same as 3-4 notes in the Beatles song “Help” :laughing:


Yes, sounds good indeed.
I can hear the Kate Bush reference too, but it isn’t bothering me.
Eddie sure knows how to play those keys! :sunglasses:

silky smooth mix. great song and everyones part really shines, extremely excellent chorus, dig the bass run down to get there.
has a bruce hornsby slant to it, especially the piano line.
dig dug it!

Sounds clean, clear, and full. He did a nice job on it.

Cheers Wim. :sunglasses:

Yeah, Eddie is not only a great keyboard player, composer, and producer, but, well basically an all round musical legend really. He appeared on several Phil Manzanera songs, worked with many other noteworthy names and of course from 1974 until 1984 he played keyboards, composed and produced for the NZ/Aus supergroup Split Enz. I remember actually he was considered of such great importance to the band back then that on one tour of Australia and New Zealand, when he fell ill and missed a show the audience was each refunded $4! :smiley: He also worked as session musician for a while which included Paul McCartney’s ‘Press to Play’ album. Later he played for Crowded House, producing their first album and providing keyboard support for their live gigs. Etc etc! :sunglasses:

Yeah… but did you like it? :laughing: