Takes in Elements 11

Cubase Elements 11 has takes… as I assume all Cubase versions have, but I cannot seem to access them easily. Yes I can workaround by duplicating tracks and moving takes around (far from ideal) and yes I know Artist and Pro have all the easy tools, buttons, to deal with takes efficiently, but… what is the point of having the takes in Elements is you cannot really use them. I cannot find any videos or help articles on this. Anyone have a way to use/access multiple takes in Elements??


The takes (Lanes) work different for Audio vs MIDI tracks.

On the MIDI tracks, all lanes are merged so you can hear all of them at once. This is useful for example for drums. You can use one lane for the Bass Drum, another one for the Snare, another one for the Hi-Hat. It’s easier to edit them afterwards.

On the Audio track only the most top, or not-muted lane is playing back.

To get the lane to the top, you can click the triangle at the centre-bottom of the Audio event and select, which lane should be on the top.