Taking projects from Cubase 5 to Cubase 6

I have two projects I would like to finish on 64 bit Cubase 6 but I’m hesitant because I haven’t figured out if there would be any problems opening the old ones in 6 and still keeping the project files in 5 intact. Anyone out there done this yet? And if so, how did you go about it.

How about saving using another name?

I have done this and I didn’t notice any difference. But, I was stimied by not have the correct plugins cause I was also moving from XP to Win7-64. So I went back to XP for that project after a short while of tussling with bridges…

Anyway, just to say I didn’t notice any changes and I had a lot of automation and midi+audio tracks and also video.

Is there anything on the steinberg knowledgbase website about it?


Copy the entire project folder and open in C6 from there. If anything un-foward happens, you still have the C5 edition intact.

Ah, yes, I duped the dir first. Kept the orig version safe!


Do you copy just the project folder and not the audio files?

The audio files should be in the project folder. :confused:

Duplicate everything.

Indeed, duplicate the folder, and I suggest name one Cb5 and one Cb6 to avoid confusion - because there’s no way to tell the .cpr files apart (except for maybe hacking the file…).


I’ve occasionally wondered about trying something radical like changing the file extensions for the cpr files saved by different versions of Cubase (eg to sx3, c4, … or cprsx3, cprc4, …), and then altering the file associations in Windows so that double-clicking on a cubase project file will open the right version (sx3, c4, …).

Never had the courage, though, and don’t know whether it could be made to work. Instead, I add just the version at the end of the file name - eg ProjFileName_c4.cpr - as a warning not to re-save a file in a new format.

Anyone comments on the file-extension idea - ought it to work?

Won’t work as all newer versions are the same extension, .cpr. What you could do is assign different icons for the different versions, though.

I’m thinking that it might be best to make a copy of the whole album and all it’s tunes and put it a separate folder called Cubase 6 on the same hard drive. I have lots of space. Then I could finish in Cubase 6 and still have the 5 stuff intact.

I got fed up with double clicking the .cpr file and opening up in the wrong version… So I assigned Notepad to be the .cpr app! I now drag and drop the .cpr onto my chosen Cubase app icon on the desktop. It forces me to think of which version I really need. And if I forget then it doesn’t take 5 minutes to start in notepad so I can close it quick :slight_smile:


I recently did this. The only real concern you should have is… Are the plugins used in your project 64 bit? You may need to install 64 bit versions of your plugins in order for it to work properly. (Check with companies of your plugins) There is a little utility program called jBridge that works great with Cubase although having the real 64 bit installer would be better… Hope this helps…


I use Jbridge for this purposes. I highly recommend it. You should be able to use any 32-bit plugins with 64-bit host. Good luck! :smiley:

You have backups of your data files of course? Just make sure you don’t lose the backup made just BEFORE starting any work in Cubase 6/64.