TAL Vocoder 2 sidechain issue

So I’m trying to use the sidechaining feature of the TAL Vocoder (new as of v2.0.0), but there’s no way of activating the vocoder’s side chain input in the top bar. Am I missing something here? There’s no info in the documentation because it hasn’t been updated with this feature, and pretty much all info I have seen on this vocoder outside of a couple sentences on the TAL webpage seem to pertain to older versions that don’t have sidechaining.

Not sure if you ever found a solution, but I thought I would add here in case anyone else comes across the same issue.
The midi side-chain routing is a bit different in Cubase.
Insert the TAL Vocoder on your audio track
Add a midi track to your project
Then send the midi track to the instance of TAL (TAL should be visible in the list of sends)
I know this is an old topic! But hope this helps.