talk back in vocal booth

I’ve got talk back set up in the control room.

I’ve set up a second talk back mic in my vocal booth and can’t hear it in my main monitor., only in the headphone mixes.

How can i change that so that i can hear the talk back mic from the vocal booth in my main monitors using control room??

Please take no offense, but I would like to ask one question. Why do you need a takkback mic in the vocal both?

I guess what he is talking about is more likely called a “listen mic”. A mic in the Studioroom to listen to during breaks of the “real” recording.

You can only have ONE talkback mic in the CR of Cubendo. So you need to set up a channel in your Mixer and route that “LISTEN MIC” as an input to that channel. Route the output of that channel to your monitors and keep it muted until you want to hear the one speaking to this mic.
You can even record that mic this way - sometimes it is nice to have a dirty mic like this. It’s kind of common on Drum recordings for e.g.

For a Singer / Voiceover situtation you just use the mic infront of the one acting to it :wink:! So no extra mic :slight_smile:)


I want a talk back mic in the drum booth because in this time of Covid 19 I have set up a second workstation in the booth to keep the weparation.

You actually CAN have a second talk back mic. You can actually have up to 4. The problem is that i can hear them in my headphone outputs but no the main output.

I’ve been doing the LISTEN mic up to now and that’s just fine but it would be nice to not have the extra step every time that I need to set that up.

Talkback(s) are made to talk from the control room to the headphone cues.
Talkback Mic => Cue(s)
So by definition, the signal of a Talkback mic never gets routed to the Control room, but only into the Headphones.


I get that. But i would like to find a way to send audio from a mic in the vocal booth and be able to hear it at my engineer station, and do it all via the Control Room.

From what i’m seeing, this is not possible.

Of course it’s possible, you just have to not think of it as a “talkback mic” since that’s not what it is.

Just route an input signal to an output that isn’t connected to anything on your physical devices and then make that available as a monitor option in Control Room. As long as that input signal doesn’t originate in the control room you should get no feedback.

Or am I missing something?

That’s how I’ normally set things up. The idea of using the control room was to save a couple of steps just for the short run to connect to the extra work station i have in my drum booth for my clients during the Covid virus. We’re performing functions that aren’t necessarily recording of vocals so it was going to be a quicker way to set up communication.

Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you just wanted a different mic heard in the control room.

Yeah it’s just a band aid fix I wanted until the need for social distancing is past.

In the old days you used to have a ‘Hearback’ mic in the tracking room. Talkback for the engineer, Hearback for the artists.

I have that setup here because I often track a group of musicians at the same time. It’s used for communication between them in the tracking room - without the need to remove their headphones. I open the Hearback mic for them in between takes. Keys, bass and guitars are often ‘D.I.ed’ so when you remove your headphones you can’t hear your instrument, which makes it hard to discuss the song recording and play at the same time. I don’t use the Control Room feature in Nuendo - I have a separate mutli-channel Cue system for 10 musicians and they each control their own levels.

What you actually could do is set up the Mic as a Monitor Source in Control Room.
Then in the Control Room use the “Multiple Monitor Sources” feature to listen to both, the “MainMix” and the Mic simultaniously.

Thanks very much! That works just the way i wanted.