Talkback Best-Practice Setup with Vocal Booth

Hi all

I’m about to order a vocal booth and was wondering, how such a setup would look like from a cable perspective. I’m in a smaller room and have my sound interface hooked up to my computer.

What would I need now:

  • I would need to run an XLR cable from the my interface into the booth and into the mic.
  • I would need to run a cable from my interface output back to the booth for talkback.

Now my question is, what kind of wiring is used for talkback? Do I connect a jack cable to an out on my interface (it has a built-in talkback function) and then run this jack cable into the vocal booth? There, I would need an adapter to connect the male jack cable to the male jack of the headphones. Right? Simple.


I think you are overthinking this.

Nuendo Control Room Cue sends => Interface => headphones in booth. (Line level - stereo)
Mic in booth (XLR-mono) => Interface => Nuendo Input.


Are you forgetting audio send to the booth?
I would think a stereo feed to the booth could carry audio/click/talkback,
and the XLR cable would carry mic output [mono] to audio input on the interface

Thanks. I think we’re on the same page, maybe I just wrote it in a complicated way. But specifically the cables from interface => booth. What is used here? Thick jack cables? Or thin cinch cables? Or are there 15m headphone cables (mini-jack)?

These are 3-wire balanced line cables.
Cinch are 2-wire unbalanced, which will pick up interferences.

Why don’t you just make your own cables? I don’t think I even used a off-the-shelf cable for hard-wiring equipment.
Usually because we alaways pass through a patchbay …


OK, but to get a stereo signal in the headphones in the booth, I have to get 2 balanced cables out of the interface and then have some kind of adapter that puts it together for a headphone.

Kind of like this.

Sorry if that sounds super basic and stupid. Haven’t done this before, cabling isn’t my strong point. I’m more the software guy :wink:

You need a headphone amp in your Vocal booth.
Can be something simple, to something more sophisticated where the vocal talent can make his/her own mix from the cue sends you are providing. And then obviously you will need to feed more channels to your headphone amp.


Ah, see! That was my missing link! THX Fredo.