Talkback Mic Issue

Need some help - my talkback mic is picking up the audio from my monitor speakers during playback (creating an obvious mess). Can’t seem to get rid of it - any help? I have a second microphone connected to my UR-22 for the purpose of “Talkback”. Anyway to “mute” my Talkback microphone other than disconnecting it from the UR-22?

Thanks for the help.

My setup:
Cubase 7.5
Windows 7
Interface: UR-22

Look at the ‘Control room’ feature on your Cubase.

Or depending on setup, you can sidechain a compressor inserted in the talkback channel by (for example) the SMTPE generator linked to transport.

Thanks for the replies - I’ve tried using the control room feature but still no luck. Talkback mic remains active.

Will try the insert mentioned by BingoBongo.


If you really want help, I suggest you explain how you’ve got it all wired up - hardware components involved etc. Otherwise people are just shooting in the dark.

Talkback only deactivates on record, not playback.