Talkback with Total Mix, ARC USB and NUENDO Control Room

Hello Everyone,

I’m on windows 7, nuendo 7, rme fireface 800 with totalmix and arc usb.

I cant use nuendos talkback in latch: each controller I have doesn’t work like a momentary push button, instead you have to press once to turn on and once to off… yeah… you basically know it.

So, I had an idea with the totalmix.
If I keep the nuendo Talkback in ON, I could use the ARC USB and its momentary talkback button in the totalmix. I thought if active, it would work before the nuendo talkback and solve the issue. But no… it seems like nuendo grabs the whole totalmix and does not allow that. Even in off (totalmix) my talkback work in nuendo when it`s on. Also with direct monitoring wont work…

Under device setup, a general mixi also does nothing with an ARC, since the switch talkback will not be recognized by the learn function.

Has anyone got this solved?