Tambourine Sound - NO PLAY BACK?


I have a tambourine loaded but for some reason I am not getting sound from HALion.
I have a full symphonic session loaded and I am on my third instance and so far I have had no issues with other instruments and play back.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

I’m afraid unpitched percussion support is almost non-existent in Dorico at the moment. You can create a single-line percussion instrument like tambourine, but unfortunately you can’t route it sensibly to a particular note in a given patch in HALion just yet. This is something that we will be working on in the update following the forthcoming one.

That explains a lot… I am pleased I mentioned something.

Thank you Daniel for saving me time trying to problem solve from my side.

On the other hand… the single line staff will retain the Midi Note information used to enter it, so if you use a Midi Keyboard and the note middle C for entry, that note will also play back…

Wow - OK great. Let me try this also!

Thank you!

It’s also possible to transpose the entire keyboard inside Sonic SE under the MIDI TAB.

(This image is from a stand alone instance of full Sonic 3, but the MIDI Tab is identical in the version of Sonic SE that currently ships with Dorico)

Notice the transpose values, and the fact you can filter zones on the little virtual keyboards.

Say you load a drum kit that comes with Sonic SE, and want a kit piece remapped to play via different MIDI note for Dorico’s sake.

Simply transpose everything for the Instrument Slot holding your drum kit with the MIDI Tab in Sonic until that kit piece falls under the particular key that you need.

Here’s a thread that’s a bit related, as it deals with using the MIDI Tab in Sonic to kuldge together custom kit mappings in HALion Sonic. Just browse past all the CuBase specific stuff, towards the end it shows Dorico/Sonic SE relevant info on how to remap some things in Sonic.