Tantalisingly close for the Mock-Up community

After purchasing Dorico on day one with realistic expectations that it would be a while before I could consider it as a one-stop for Mock-Ups I thought I’d delve into the possibility again following the recent updates.

I created a template with Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra and a VSL ‘Vienna Imperial’ Piano all hosted in VE Pro in a single instance with MIR Pro as an additional reverb that I could toggle on and off as required. I imported some Music XML from Sibelius, fixed a few articulations. Set up expression maps, tweaked some cc curves and exported some audio. It was by no means an exhaustive test run, but I really believe it will eventually take over as being my workflow of choice.

I had a few crashes during the process. I learned that it doesn’t yet work to copy a cc curve from one lane to another (this caused a crash). Also that I should save even more often than the auto-save.

I know there’s still a way to go but here are a few things that I would really like to see implemented (apologies if they already are and I just didn’t realise):

  1. A way to save VSTi sections in ‘templates’ for easy recalling, even within the same VE Pro instance.
  2. Mappable buttons to disable / enable VE Pro hosted instruments through the automation mapping feature of VE Pro.
  3. The possibility to copy cc curves from one instrument to another (or many).
  4. A quicker audio export (it’s very slow even on a powerful machine).
  5. A way to override the MIDI note volume.
  6. A way to undock a piano roll with cc lanes to make drawing them in easier.
  7. A send-to-cubase button.

I fully understand that Dorico is primarily an engraving application and it does that amazingly well. I thought I’d just mention how much closer it is to what I was hoping for. Thanks to the whole team for such hard work and intelligent handling of everything so far.

Thanks for your feedback, wader. We certainly plan to continue to develop Dorico further in the direction of allowing more control over virtual instruments, more MIDI editing tools, and so on. It will take us a while longer to get where you want us to be, but I believe we have a very similar idea of what our destination should be.