Tap Tempo Improvements - Too Slow

Does anyone else find the tap tempo to be really slow?

Takes me about 2-3+ measures of tapping for it to get an accurate tempo.

Ableton is much quicker, giving me an accurate tempo within a few beats to a bar.

Not sure if it’s as important to everyone else but this is incredibly important for my workflow, I have to figure out the exact tempo that musicians are playing ideas and it really slows down the session when I’m wrong and have to keep adjusting it.

Not to mention the fact that the Cubase click stutters and lags every time you change tempo.

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I’ve also noticed that. It’s as if it averages out all taps, so it takes some time until it settles to the final tempo.

Personally, I first type in a ballpark value, and then tap from there. I think it’s just a bit faster.

thanks for the tip that should help in the interim!

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