Tap Tempo using Foot Switch

How do you guys do this say for a live setting using a footswitch to set tempo?

The Generic Remote is now MISSING the tempo option so Im at a loss here


Anyone, anyone

Does this help any?

Nope, I looked at that. If we are live we just want to kick the foot pedal tap tempo, not have another window open up and have to futz with it. This is a SIMPLE thing to do in S1, Reaper, Live, Cubase =nope

Yeah, I gotta agree. I’ve always felt there should’ve been something like a simple “TapTempo” button built into the transport that could access any incoming MIDI controller. I mean really, the dumbest multi efx guitar stomp boxes have this sort of thing.

Exactly, in Live you just click a button to enable it to recognize the midi message, click your pedal and boom, done

This is the reason why since many months I’m using other DAW. Strange that some DAWs seems to not include this function.
I pop in here just to check if any news about tap tempo.

i rewire ableton live lite 9 into cubase and use live lite’s tap tempo to control empo in cubase , it works pretty well . Tap tempo in cubase would be a great feature

That’s very good tip - it works! Thanks Stone1888!

I need 2 next :slight_smile:

  • Cubase to start in few seconds… like other DAWs? Its slow now.
  • Cubase to cope with audio interfaces with no single dropout … like in other DAW, I was fighting with buffer settings, Audio Guard, DPC Latency monitors,beter pc, bios, other motherboard etc etc. for years in Cubase (true that V10 is much better but still far from ideal) - now in Logic I have forgotten about buffers - set it one time to 128 samples and forgot about the subject…

No complain at all. We are lucky to have good choices these days and of course I see Cubase improving as well.