Tap Tempo

Hi, please include a tap tempo button next to the tempo section that just automatically sets the project tempo as I’m tapping.

It’s alot of clicks to go to beat calculator when you’re in the zone and creating…
I’m sure someone will tell me make a keyboard shortcut for it… :wink: It’s still alot to go through in my opinion for a simple thing like this.


true, too many steps to find this simple option…
Please just copy FL Studio tempo tapper, really fast and useful, no percentage, just complete numbers :slight_smile:


A company that claims “creativity first” should seriously consider making the tap tempo more accessible (right next to the bpm display) in Cubase. This is the first thing that every musician does when it has to record a musical idea (tap the tempo to set the bpm). If there are any musicians left in the forum, please vote…


As far as I know, all musicians have been successfully purged from this website. :eye: :male_detective: :rofl:

However, don’t forget to vote on your feature request

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Not really, they just have moved to Logic or Ableton.


Please vote for this guys! I’ve ran out of votes unfortunately!

Big shout out to the Steinberg CMC-TP controller. Lets you assign the ribbon slider to tap tempo. Great touch sensitivity and right there ready to tap whenever you need it. Discontinued, but still works perfectly. Well worth it if you can find one cheap.

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Nice could you go remote devices in your cubase and show us what the list of commands it has? I’m trying to assign tap tempo to one my controller but can’t see to find it… would be helpful to how it’s integrated

It’s a built in function on the device. See: Steinberg CMC-TP controller
Stay on topic please

Cubase has no tempo tap function that works using a midi device.

But doesn’t built in functions has to have support in the software? I’m looking for this functionality in cubase if it’s there why are we requesting it? That’s why I’m asking him how did they integrate that in Cubase.

No, not in this case. They can use proprietary commands in their own products.

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The only reason I can think of that Steinberg has not included tap tempo in the list of remote commands, and that the only device capable of accessing that proprietary command has been discontinued, is that they have a new device currently in development that uses it.

If that is not the case, then perhaps they can be convinced to make the command accessible to all users. Hopefully this feature request gets more votes!

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I think this how it should be done (no more no less). See how Studio One handles it since 2019:

I can’t stress how much of a time saver this is.

I started using Cubase 11 recently and the first thing I miss (coming from Logic and Pro Tools) is Tap Tempo… I searched here and found many many threads about the same request going back years! Still can’t believe it’s not yet implemented in Cubase 11 :frowning:


To make this a little bit more easy to access, you could assign the tempo calc to a hotkey, you then still need one more click, but its much faster than scrolling through the menus all the time.