Tape Music

I am writing a piece for Ensemble and electronics, meaning that the music will be played partly from live musicians and partly from a tape. I usually write the musical content of the tape in an additional staff , so that it’s easier for the conductor to coordinate the instrumental performance with the electronic part of the music. I was wondering: is there a way to integrate the content of the tape (a .wav file) into the Dorico project so that I can play it back together with the instrumental parts? That would help the workflow a lot.
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Welcome to the forum R0b! Currently you can only do this by attaching it as a video, which can obviously be blank but with the audio included.

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thanks for the quick reply! Ok, that’s a bit of a workaround, but it should be fine. Is it possible to add more videos to a single Project then? I couldn’t find a way yet…
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You can add a video to each flow.

You might try this:

vstPlayer – Mirax Labs

It would allow you to create a staff and make this the instrument for that staff. Then

  • Multiple audio files can be loaded
  • Cue points can be created
  • Midi CC can be used to jump to various cue points.
  • Insert said Midi CC via a playback technique to trigger the cues. (After you build a n expression map.)

I have debated myself whether its worth the effort to try it or not.