Tape saturation plugin gone in Elements 8

Hi guys,

This is weird, but just found that the tape saturation plugin is gone from Cubase (I even doubted if this was actually available in Elements 8). I have cross checked the full plugin list on website and also remembered having using it time ago, so yes, it is.

Thing is, I don’t know exactly at which point (nor why) it disappeared, but it’s no longer there. I have re-installed everything including the latest update 8.035 since I just upgraded to El Capitan.

Attached is a print screen of plugin manager as of now, everything looks fine except for the tape saturation.

Help is highly appreciated.


This “plug-in” is available in the Channel Strip only, not like a common VST plug-in. This is the reason, why it is not present in the Plug-in Manager list.

Got it, thanks Martin.