Tape Stop/Turntable Stop type FX?

I am not sure where I read that C6 has the capability of “quickly” simulating the effect the “tape stop” pluggin emmulates (or the sudden stoping of a turntable).
Has anyone heard anything related to this?
Much thanks.


Hey, great video…thanks so much…Made my day.!

Not so quick but:


Kinda like Pro Tools effect vs doing it in Cubase with no external plugs

Another Great alternative…Many thanks…!!!..

And… here´s a VST-Plugin!


Tape Stop simulates the effect you get when you turn off a tape recorder or a turntable with the sound still on.”
BTW: you can automate all parameters. :wink:
(but only Win/PC)

…and I also love Cubase´ “PitchEnvelope” very much! (I use it a lot for sounddesign e.g.)

Great. I checked out the Tape Stop pluton and will definately check out “pitch envelope”

Many thanks.

Do you know any Mac plug like Tapestop?

Unfortunately not.

In this case I see the overwhelming advantage of the PC platform, absolutely.
Because there are so many very good and useful free plugins on Win/.dll.


I can’t say for sure, but I wonder if one or more of the Performance Controls in the lates version of LoopMash is imitating this. You would have to load an audio file into LoopMash, though…

I tried ‘The finger’ in Reaktor and it works nice. :slight_smile: