Tape Stop


A Tape or Turntable pitch down to stop with similar Parameters to the very excellent new Doppler plugin.

Hi, I often use the included Loopmash FX plugin to do such effects, not very user friendly, (needs automation and is sometimes erratic soundwise) but still useable.


Cheers, Yannick , I’ll give Loopmash FX a go.

loopmash does work but only real time, and so a

a good tool for extreme pitch mangling as Dop like the doppler would be a nice addition.


Another workaround: Steinbergs’ Pitch Shift process and Direct Offline Processing.

  1. Select the audio event on which you’like to apply the Tape Stop effect
  2. Use Direct Offline Processing and choose Pitch Shift from the Process-menu (not the Plugin Menu).
  3. Make sure auto-apply is off (on my system, tweaking the Pitch Shifter’s envelope while in Auto Apply mode, makes Nuendo crash)
  4. In the Pitch Shift plugin window select the Envelope tab (not the Transpose tab)
  5. Now you can draw an envelope curve for the desired pitch. And no: you can’t zoom in to the waveform…very frustrating.
  6. Make sure that you’ve entered an number in the “Range” field, otherwise you won’t hear any pitch change
  7. Preview your edits with the Audition button
  8. Confirm your edits with the Apply button

I found it very frustrating not to have a simple tape-stop effect in Nuendo and I experimented quite a lot with the sampler track on which I applied a pitch bend in order to give my audio this tape start/stop effect, but it turned out that the sampler track distorted my audio (a little), so that’s why I investigated the Pitch Shift/ DirectOfflineProcessing options. I think the results can be quite good, but it’s a hassle to edit the envelope in the waveform since you can’t zoom in/out…

Good luck.

Niek/ Amsterdam.