Tapping computer/MIDI Keys to "perform" or "conduct" playing a score

Before I switched to Dorico, I used Notion from PreSonus a lot. Now there is still one thing of Notion I love very much and miss sometimes. It’s the NTempo mode. You can “perform” and “conduct” a score by tapping computer or midi keyboard keys and navigate the score in live playing with shortcuts or specific MIDI keys with “HUD” display. It even responses to your played velocities on MIDI keyboard to express the dymanics. As a teacher in a local church choir and some student ensembles, it’s a really useful rehearsal tool, especially when the collaborating pianist or instrument players were absent. By “performing” the score live it also helps the students to quickly get the overall idea of the piece and they can play/sing along easily while I “conduct” in real-time. I believe this is not super difficult for Dorico team to implement, although maybe not everyone needs it and not an absolute priority for a notation software. But it would be awesome to have similar function in Dorico in the future that can make Dorico even more useful in educational scenarios. It’s my small hope for 2023 and beyond!

Some content from Notion manual to get the ideas:

I hope this would get some interest and love from the Dorico team and other users.
Thank you!


Last summer I had cause to use NTempo in a live performance with my choir, and it worked really well. I would love to have a similar feature in Dorico in future. I can’t say when exactly it will come, however.


I have a feature request related to this:
Loooong time ago when using Finale I loved the feature, included in Hyperscribe, to use an external Tapping source to record on the fly, being able to tap the beats (for example “tapping” the sustain pedal or some other button or midi controller) during the recording and being able to slow down and accelerate during the recording, and Finale calculated the rhythms correspondingly: it was the absolute fastest way to input notes that I ever experienced. (without depending on the stiff metronome tempo). It would be wonderful if this functionality could be implemented in future Dorico versions.

In case someone doesn’t know what I am talking about, here a Video that demonstrates this feature (scroll at 10:29) 10-5A Getting The Hang of HyperScribe Lesson 5A (Advanced) - YouTube

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Thanks for sharing this idea. It is a brilliant and intuitive way for MIDI record once setup! And by watching the video I can imagine it to be surely very helpful. So if we can both tap to play/conduct like NTempo and record like HyperScribe, that would be wonderful. And combined by pressing some keys to quicky navigate/jump through the scores, it can be very efficient in many scenarios.

I’ve voted for this before, and will continue to vote for it every time it’s mentioned, till the day comes!!! I hope it gets put high on the priority list.