Target value for poco accel.

I need to do an accelerando from 76BPM to 86BPM over a period of 15 bars.
My issue is that a “poco accel.” on 15 bars actually goes beyond 86BPM.
Is there a way to edit the target value of an accelerando? Or to edit Dorico’s tempo track?

You can control it with “Final tempo” (see picture), in % relative to base tempo. In their case, there are 113%.

thanks so much! that’s exactly what I needed!

Pay attention on the fact that the Poco a poco option is a «Final tempo %»
If you start at 76bpm you have to set the % around 115 or 114 %

And instead to write «poco accel» you have to use «accel. poco a poco» option

Its working !

Hope to help

merci Alain !
it’s working great

To add to this topic: I would love to have for gradual tempo changes

  • the ability to enter an absolute end number, and
  • the option to slow down or speed up “to next tempo”.

In the process of composing, when tempi are not final, this would really help.
Especially Dorico’s lack of the second option surprised me. Since I can enter “<f” for dynamics, I was expecting something like “accel. Allegro” for tempo.


I agree with you, that would be really great features

May I add my vote too.


My opinion is that working with the «percentage» %
give us much more liberty than the obligation to refer to a note duration.

…Perfect like this !