Tascam 24 w/Cubse studio 5

hello cubase family
I recently bought a used Tascam DM24 to be used as a control surface for Cubase studio 5. I’ve been trying to have it work but so far no luck. Is anyone especially DM24 user can guide me step by step how I can set up the unit to be used as a control surface.

Cubase 5 is very old so you may find it hard to find someone who can help. Good luck though.

You will need to connect MIDI to and from the Tascam.
The Tascam probably has a Control Surface Mode as well. Check its manual

  1. Connect a MIDI OUT from Cubase(whatever MIDI device you are using) to the TASCAM MIDI IN
  2. Connect a MIDI OUT from the TASCAM to CUbase MIDI IN.
  3. In Cubase go to where you add controllers , cant remember what its called in C5.
    Add device and select Tascam DM24 if its there.
  4. Put the Tascam in HUI mode.