Tascam DM-4800

I won’t be updating until this weekend and was wondering if anyone is using C7 with the DM-4800. Ant problems getting up and running?

There aren’t too many DM-users here. You’re the 6:th one I know of. So it may take few days before firsat one upgrades. In th meantime it doesn’t hurt to register into http://www.tascamforums.com/ and ask there.

Hi Jarno,
I am registered at Tascam Forums, but I haven’t checked there yet. I will.

Damn! Should have checked the facts before posting. My apologies!

Running both DM4800 and Avid MC Controler… works great with Cubase 6.5 32 and 64bit vers… Cubase 7 runs for a while (15) minutes the the icons start to disappear… then i crashes. just posted the Bug… but in the 15minutes running its great…

I will test this tomorrow, and i really hope it is working as hoped.
Im not use a Avid controller, so maybe this will work OK?

Best regards to all that put up useful information.
(Jarno - the king, always helpfull)

Now this is tested, and i have no crash or freeze. And i have to say, Cubase 7 is working really well - so far.

One problem tho, some MIDI files have dropout in the beginning, some notes at the beginning of this part is not played. This is a small bug i guess, as i am sure many other have discovered…
BUT - i hope Steinberg is fixing this soon.