Tascam FW-1884 & Cubase 5

Hello all,

I am running Cubase 5 through a Tascam FW-1884 and I am having some issues I can not seem to resolve, and I am hoping some one can shed some light on this issue.

I had this set running flawless previously, so i know it is not a problem with the Tascam. I also have setup everything in Cubase 5 correctly. The only different variable is a new computer … I had a computer professionally built a few weeks ago.

Previously I had an old Gateway computer with 1Gb of RAM and I think 250Gb of internal memory with Windows XP. I was fine but I felt the need to get a much more powerful machine so ensure I wouldn’t run into issues in the future - Joke’s on me i guess. Anyway … this new machine has 8Gb of Ram and 1.25Tb of internal memory and Windows 7 64bit. Cubase 5 installed ok and tascam (eventually) installed ok.

When i first got the new computer I plugged everything in and it couldn’t read the tascam. I did some digging online and found out that a Texas Instument PCIe firewire card was need for tascam to be able to act nice with the new computer. So I bought one, installed it, installed all recent drivers and Voila the tascam was alive and kicking. I packed everything up and took it to my studio. I set everything back up and still didnt notice any issues. I fired up Cubase 5 and started playing back some recently recorded songs and started to notice some weird issues I never encountered before.

While playing back songs intermittently Cubase stutters and I loose sync with the tascam for like a second before the audio comes back and it continues playback. I opened up all setup components, doubled and tripled checked everything and can’t seem to figure out what the issue is. I checked with the manufacturer of the new firewire card and it is a Texas Instrument chipset card.

So I started to mess with the latency of the Tascam and got some better results in the playback with the latency at 1024 and 2048. The issue is, When i got my drummer in the recording booth to test recording, He gets major latency problems in his headphones (playback is way behind) - the same occurs in the control room monitors. I bring the latency back down to 256 and the latency problems disappears but now the stutter issue comes back - Yes it does occur while recording as well. And its at random spots - never in the same exact spot.

If anyone has any suggestions i would greatly appreciate. Thank you in advance!