TASCAM US-122 MK II and Windows 10


I’ve recently upgraded my whole system but now find that I can’t install the drivers for the only part that I haven’t upgraded; namely, the Audio Interface (TASCAM US-122 Mk II). Basically because I hardly use it except for playback, working almost exclusively in raw MIDI.

Anyway, two questions, if you’d be so kind!

  1. I’ve found a couple of threads that suggest that the TASCAM drivers can be installed, but having followed the instructions it hasn’t worked. Is there a workaround?

  2. If not, can anyone suggest a cheap but reasonably worthwhile replacement that will work under Windows 10?

Many thanks


I had some PMs that suggested it was possible to get this to work; unfortunately it appears to be possible for the US-122 but not the US-122 MK II. So I’ve bitten the bullet and bought a new Audio Interface. :frowning:

I finally was able to do it! Just follow the directions on this web page!