Tascam US-122mkii - phones/line out

Hi there,
I am completely new to this forum so I don’t know how the system completely operates, so I apologise in advance if I’ve set this up wrong.
I have a Tascam US-122mkii and have noticed that it only has one knob which controls the volume level for both the line out and phones. I need to be able to control these separately as recording will be impossible for me as the microphone will pick up the speakers on audio playback (I only need the playback in my headphones).
If someone would be able to shed some light on what can be done that would be really appreciated. This would save me a hell of a lot of hassle having to switch the monitors off and on again when recording/playback.



Monitors: Fostex PM0.4n
Audio Interface: Tascam US-122mkii
Microphone: Rode NT1-A
Software: Cubase LE5

You should have gone for the 144. It has independent knobs for the headphone and line outs.

Since you didn’t do that, now you are going to have to figure out some type of external control for the stereo RCA out signal to your speakers.

Use your imagination. :nerd:

Yeh, I’m a proper beginner with all of this recording stuff, but the person who sold it to me just said the only difference was two spdif inputs, not mentioning the extra control for the phones/line volume. I think i’ll be trying to get an exchange with my US-122mkii and just paying a little extra for the US-144mkii.

Thanks for the reply by the way, this is my first topic ever!

Appreciate it, thanks!


Hi guys,
Managed to send my Tascam US-122MKii back to the company “Music Matter” they let me exchange it for the model US-144MKii, which has the separate volume controls for both the line out and phones so my problem is sorted now :smiley: very happy!