Tascam us-428-Cubase 11 has disappeared

I ask for help! In version 11 pro, support for the external controller Tascam US-428 has disappeared. It is not in the list of added devices. Is it possible to solve this problem by controlling a different protocol or in some other way?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Some very old controllers have been removed from Cubase 11 intentionally. It seems, this is one of them.

Additionaly to what @Martin.Jirsak said, and according to its manual, it seems that the messages transmitted by the us-428 unit are compliant with the ones used by the JL Cooper CS-10 controller, which is still directly available in C11 Pro, as a device definition.

If this still doesn’t work, you’re for defining a Generic Remote definition for it…

JL Cooper CS-10 controller protocol, allows you to control only the Taskam transport panel, other functions are not available, and in Generic Remote there is no transport panel control

Just checked, and indeed, it doesn’t seem that there is much beside the transport functions…

Not sure that I get you on that one, as you can define the controls corresponding to a transport panel ones, by adding the needed lines in the upper pane of your GR definition. From what I see in the us-428 doc, it’s rather complicated, but with the help of the Learn function when defining a controller, it might work.

Once the controllers added, you’ll need to add the corresponding lines in the lower one, and use the different Command>Transport>[…] available options for each of them. Not easy, but doable, as long as the messages transmitted by the us-428 are correctly recognized in the upper pane of the Generic Remote window which, by experience, is usually the main obstacle…

I set up a few things, but not everything. Could you transfer the script from the 10th version folder to 11? In which folders are they located?


Not the factory scripts.